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Meet Us!!


Allure Dance Creation is a competitive and recreational dance company. Our competitive team competes in multiple events and competitions throughout the year. Both our recreational and competitive dance teams participate in our annual dance recitals. The skills they learn at Allure Dance Creation is the key to unlock doors of endless possibilities!

Mission Statement

Providing an environment that is fun, non-intimidating, and energetic!  We want our students to explore the beautiful world of dance and love it while doing so.  Our focus is not just in perfecting the techniques, but developing the passion and commitment that strengthens the soul of the dancer and opens the doors to creative expression.


Through proper training they will develop good posture, poise, proper body alignment and grace. Dancing will increase flexibility, improve coordination and introduce an appreciation for the performing arts. Stage experience and our photo shoot will help the shy, self-conscious child; and class structure will control the over-aggressive one. Self-expression will be learned through the most beautiful of all the arts.

​Our faculty is carefully selected to exemplify our philosophy, our teachers are dance professionals chosen for their knowledge and expertise. We limit class size so that we can provide a low teacher to student ratio and offer more personalized attention.

​We regard dance as an art form and focus on highlighting classroom progress and achievement. Thus our students spend the entire year in a process of continuous growth and learning.

​Our focus remains on dance education rather than recital preparation, making Allure Dance Creation the intelligent dance alternative.



Gee-Gee J.  Owner/Choreographer

Originally from New York, Gee-Gee began her dance training in The Bronx choreographing dance routines for events in the community. During a talent show in 1995, a choreographer from the Broadway Dance Center invited Gee-Gee to participate in their rendition of Alice in Wonderland at the Symphony Theater. In 2003, she moved to North Carolina where she attended The University of North Carolina of Charlotte. There she majored in Business Management with a minor in Dance. Gee-Gee was offered an opportunity to become a dance teacher within the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system. She also conducted dance lessons at the Simmons YMCA. After taking time off to care for her child, she welcomed the opening of Allure Dance Creation, School of the Arts, in 2013. 

Our Charlotte Team


Dancer, Master Choreographer Maya F.

Maya has been with Allure Dance Creation since 2013. She is currently a professional dancer for the Charlotte Knights Baseball team and the Charlotte Hounds Men's Lacrosse team. She is also the winner of Ms. North Carolina 2017-18.

Her Specialty includes cheer, gymnastics, ballet, tap, and jazz.

She is also well-trained in African dance, liturgical dance, and

various forms of hip-hop. At ADC, Maya teaches Competitive Contemporary,  Ballet, Jazz, and Liturgical dance. 



Dancer, Choreographer Kie J.

Kiesha “Marie” Jennings started out dancing at the age of 19 years old peaking her interest of dance by teaching herself from YouTube Hiphop videos. From there she expanded her knowledge of the dance world thru her time at Fayetteville State University where she honed and trained her talent and skills under the direction of Avis Hatcher-Puzzo and the underground scene of street dance in Fayetteville. She continues and hopes to inspire movement and the freedom of creative expression by continuing to train and offering community services in communities who otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience the joy of dance and other arts. At ADC, Kie teaches Creative Movement to our twirlers dance group. 



Dancer, Choreographer Troy

Troy was born and raised in Charlotte, NC, and has been dancing for at least 15 years. Troy is the Leader and Founder of QCK (Queen City Krump) and has an extended knowledge of Breakdancing and Krump. At ADC, Troy teachers Hip Hop to our all-boy dance team!


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