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Mermaids is a 30-minute creative movement class structured to stimulate coordination skills, listening skills, balance, music interpretation, creative movement and motor development in the youngest dancers, ages 3-5 years. This program is an excellent introduction to the world of dance. Mermaids will learn combinations of Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Acro.


Twirlers is another creative movement class combo class dedicated to ages 5.5-7. Twirlers will learn combinations of Ballet, Hip-Hop and Acro. Other combinations may be learned.


Mini- Ages 5-7 are eligible for competition and are selected while in their primary class.


Blazing Stars is a 1-hour class dedicated to beginner dancers for ages 8 +. This class teaches a combination of Jazz, Modern, Acro and Hip-Hop. Blazing Stars will receive the individual attention needed to continue to develop their skills before entering our Intermediate level Hip-Hop or Contemporary classes.


Rhythm Krew are our pre-competitive/recreational Hip-Hop team for ages 8+. To be considered for Rhythm Krew, dancers must have basic knowledge of rhythm, personality, and stage presence. RK will learn differences in dance and music forms that have been fused in hip hop today.


Dance Expressions is our pre-competitive/recreational program for ages 8+. This class prepares dancers to enter the competitive world with movement concepts from Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, and other styles.


Kreative Crew is our competitive Hip-Hop team. Dancers interested in joining this team are required to participate in our audition process. Dancers are required to demonstrate proficiency in a variety of styles that reflect Urban Street Dance, such as breaking, funk styles (popping, locking), sub-styles (waves, glides), house, commercial hip hop, choreographed routines and more.


Dance Divine is our competitive Contemporary class. Dancers interested in joining Dance Divine are required to participate in our audition process. Dancers demonstrate developed knowledge of technical skills. Demonstrates developed understanding and clean execution of body lines, placement, flexibility, control, stage presence and timing. Demonstrates developed knowledge of spatial awareness, performance quality and clean execution of more complex choreography. Demonstrates developed understanding of style and quality of movement. These dancers are on the rise to join Beyond


Beyond is an invitation-only level designed for dancers with significant competition experience. Ideal for College Students and Beyond.  Demonstrates advanced knowledge and awareness of technical skills. Demonstrates advanced understanding and execution of body lines, placement, flexibility, control, stage presence and timing. Executes intricate choreography. Demonstrates sophisticated and polished quality of movement and style. Beyond are paid dancers to represent and define who Allure Dance Creation is.

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